Broaching Operation to Dimensional Accuracy
This is an important operation to produce the exact size of the jaws. The broaching tool is pressed through the forged jaw opening to produce the exact size in case of open end wrenches and the broaching tool is passed through the ring surface to give it profile in case of Combination & ring Spanner                                                                                                      


Over Drive Broach
With our constant R & D we have developed the new profile in the ring wrench head. In this design the force is applied to the flanks of the bolt heads & not to the corners. This type is also suitable even for 50% worn rounded fasteners.                            

Hardening & Tempering Process
Hardening & tempering is done in an automatic shaker hearth furnace in which both hardening & tempering temperature are controlled. By this process the structure of steel is made finer. The hardness achieved in this way guarantees the high value in the tools use, the great torque can be transferred, and service life of our tools.


The Plating Treatment
Different kinds of surface protection is given to wrenches by the process of plating treatment. Here the tool is first degreased carefully, then nickel plated and finally chromium plated.
At ambika we are proud to produce various following finishes.

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