offers wide range of Spanners, forged from high grade Chrome Vanadium Steel using the latest production methods. Spanners made to DIN, ANSI and ISO standards meets the latest requirements of screw - joint engineering.

Shearing & Heating of Cropped Piece

Using highly efficient eccentric presses the blank is cut according to the size of double open end spanner to be forged. Then the blank is heated upto the exact preselected temperature (1000-1200 C) in the pusher furnace before forging it to its form


Hot Forging & Trimming Process  

The red hot cropped piece is pulled out of the furnace with the help of tongs and kept under lower and upper dies to give it a shape under tons of pressure from the blows of the drop hammer. Then the trimming process is carried out to remove the surplus steel.



The Grinding Process

Using different types of grinding belts of special grain structure the burr on the outer surface of the head & shaft is removed using grinding process.


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