bring decades of experience with a combination of traditional and modern manufacturing techniques. The traditional element is found in fine grained grey iron body casting for strength and resilience.

Modern manufacturing techniques include for example the use of CNC ( Computer Numeric Control ) machining centres which impart a precise and consistent finish bases and sites, frog seating and cutting iron, fully hardened cutting blade.

Chrome plated mirror polished cast iron lever, adjusting nut, polished handle, epoxy powder coated and lacquered base, makes plane looks as well as it works, and works as well as it looks.

 Jack Plane - Smooth Base  Used for stock removal and fine finishes
 Jack Plane - Corrugated Base  Grooved base helps in stock removal in confined areas
 Jack Plane - Record Type  Used for lighter jobs
 Block Plane  Used for end grain or where single handed job is needed
 Block Plane - Sheet Metal  Used where single handed job is required
 Rabbet Plane  Used to foram groove joints in wood working
 Craftsman Plane  Used for stock removal and fine finishes
 Block Plane Special Pattern  The block plane has cutter seated at 21 °, adjustment for depth of cut & cutter Alignment
 Spoke Shaves  Fully adjustable for depth of cut with twin thumb screw
Know Your Jack Plane

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